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  • Posted by: Lalanii, July 25, 2016
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    a woman who flirts.

    It’s 74 degrees out, maybe 72. The cafe has light brown and white aesthetics, my kind of place. GMO, paleo-friendly. Mild blend coffee 34% almond milk. I must be going about this the wrong way; I must be, thinking about these recent projects. I fit in because everyone in here has on workout attire. Obviously, they have their run and then breakfast stinky too, although I usually shower before leaving, this morning I decided to get started on my writing.

    I’m interrupted via text from some special anybody.

    XXX: Hey I need to holla at you ASAP

    This is not a text convo, so I call.

    Moi: “Hey what’s the word?”

    XXX: … some long drawn out discussion about a project I’d be ‘perfect for’ ending with, if “I’m good enough” and I’d need to be the feature aka ‘leading lady,’ but, he has absolutely 0 budget to pay out for this particular project.

    So, a word. Or maybe 8-900 words. If you are looking to hire a particular person for any project they’d be ‘perfect’ for, I suggest not hitting them up until you are prepared to have at least some form of payment i.e. can we say a couple hundred bucks for a few hours or so… something you can throw out there. Perhaps this seems to be my friendly-flirty personality. I get stuck doing these super-favors. These, but ‘when-I-make-it-big-yo, I-got-you’-favors. Well, you know, “when I make it big,” I got a lot of people, but, I, unfortunately, still have bills and things to take care of as grownups do. You likely have money to pay all the other people on your project, so why is it you are magically out of money (for the chick you've been flirting with) for a project you want her to take seriously?

    My kindness for weakness.

    My happiness for ‘she doesn’t have stress.’

    My understanding as an understatement.

    My fanciness for favors.

    My coquettish for—she’ll do a freebie.

    This is so common in the industry. But here’s a few stories of what I’ve learned from a few people in the start:

    A friend of mine once had me do his resume, for free, probably because we'd had this flirty connection. I gave it to him, and without a thank you, he decided to snap back with “on the second page that’s not the job I had!” It was the job listed in the order listed on his previous resume, lol. Needless to say we didn't really speak on the same level again.

    A close almost-family member of mine once had me create a social media campaign for her. Once it was built and launched, she began to get busier. Failed to respond to emails timely, failed to push blogs through the pipeline. Failed on her end. When the campaign then started to fail after I’d incessantly begged her for approvals, it was my fault. It was failing, and it was all my fault! I thanked my lucky stars she had (at least) paid already because she was turning into a wild nightmare. Stage 3. Everything fails behind non-communication.

    I’d made the worst mistake. I’d flirted and 'niced' myself into freebies.

    I’d ‘niced’ myself into 'don’t take what I am doing for you seriously,' I’d ‘sweet-girled’ myself into don’t bother respecting me enough because I’ll just be here with my ‘happy go unlucky’ personality until there was no time (and often money and patience) for me to do the things I loved; after I was done making a way for everyone else.

    I produced a website for one of my friend’s clients. The site functioned beautifully, full layout, design, and development. Once completed, he sent an email about the copy. “There’s no words on the site!” I immediately called my friend up.

    “You told me he was interested in web design and development services?”

    “He must have assumed copywriting came with that,” she sounds frustrated.

    I went to work on creating banner copy, intro blogs, product descriptions, and various pages of copy.

    When I finished (rushed) about a few days later. I received an email.

    “Site looks great and has writing, but obviously, the writer didn’t understand what was needed for this website at the start of the project.”

    His invoice said nothing about copy; it was clearly not included. I gave him about eight to ten hours of work for free. Because my friend had talked me up as a copywriter, I thought he’d made the assumption that copy came with his website. A year later I met him in person at a party. I am dancing by myself to a Shakira song with a crowd of silly girls. He walks up to me, and I know exactly who he is since she mentioned he might show up. He matched his writing style via email—exactly!

    “You look way too beautiful to be a developer!” he says to me. (So now, I am a developer! I thought I was a copywriter?)

    “I’m not a developer,” I tell him with a coy smile.

    “You were the person who built my site, right?”

    “No, I was the person who produced your site. I later spent ten hours on the backend writing copy that wasn’t included in your order.” I advise.

    “That was really nice, can I buy you a drink or something?” he says.

    “Nope, no problem. When you introduce me to your friends, can you introduce me as the person who produced and wrote everything on your website?” I ask.

    I wink at him, give him a coquettish smirk.

    The next week, I get four calls. Two for websites, one for blogging, and one gal who needs a social media writer.

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