• #Vlog: Sexy Is That - Video Diary Sketch 3

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  • #Vlog: Sexy Is That - Video Diary Sketch 3
  • Posted by: Lalanii, October 15, 2016
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    Sexy is overrated. Find me in my jammies oversleeping two wake up calls.

    Sexy is messy hair. Sexy is that kiss at the door when I’m still mad  *s sss—

    Sexy is that barely touching me when I crave cuddling

    Sexy is him making love to me when he’s really not making love to me.

    Sexy is me fallin’ in love with his mindset.

    Lifestyle Blogger - Sexy

    Sexy is him putting gas in my tank and saying thank you for breakfast.

    Sexy is him paying the bill I’m restless about

    Sexy is when he bought me the shirt it’s the thought not the worth.

    Sexy is when I already have the only thing I want on my wishlist.

    Sexy is that foo in there ‘doing them dishes!!!

    Sexy Is - Lifestyle Blogger Lalanii Rochelle


    I’ll tell you what sexy is.

    Sexy is when I come first before anyone else.

    That’s what sexy is.

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