• Blue Ivy, Revealed! Beyonce's Little Angel, the Pregos, and Fathers and Their Kiddies

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  • Blue Ivy, Revealed! Beyonce's Little Angel, the Pregos, and Fathers and Their Kiddies
  • Posted by: Lalanii, February 15, 2013
  • So here's Blue Ivy. Whoa, gorgeousness. The one above has shown out once again. And by that I mean God, not Beyonce. HAHAH! Look at lil' Ivy Bluebaby in all this preciousness. Magic has happened. And you know with Jay we were all hoping for magic.

    The documentary premieres tomorrow night on HBO at 9pm.

    So on to gossiping... lol.

     Amber, uhhhmmm. Definitely shoulda stayed her tail home on this night. She is carrying a freight truck! Lawwd knows that's a boy. Crazy enough - it's not really in her face much. Ha. I wish her and Wiz the best of luck with their baby truck-err boy.

    Kanye, o Kanye. Well... whatever was being done on this walking tour was not flattering to poor Kim. It's always a voice that screams donnnnnnnnnnnnn't wear bright colors when you're uhmmm newly pregnant... besides it straddles the  line of 'thickums pregnant' and 'I'm not sure you could have had three burgers in one sitting.' I'm just saying. Wait, is it a cowinkie-dinky that Kanye and Amber are both prego at the same time? I dunno. I'm just sayin.'...

     And yes there is something about seeing fathers with their children. Swoooooon. xoxo. Or maybe we just love Thicke.

    Robin Thicke and his son Julian lookin like studs and muffins.

    Although I'm not sure where Paula comes in? (Hahah, I kid!) Beautiful families.

    And Paula and Halle definitely ridiculous on the pretty-o-meter. 

    I used to want my hair cut like Halle, now I just want this guy to be my baby-daddy. 

    Nahla and Gabriel are definitely enjoying each other. I Love it.

    Ok, enough fun for the day. Happy weekend. chics and sticks. See ya.

    Beyonce's pic scouted from: GlobalGrind - The rest from: BCK


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