• Because You're on Punishment That's Why!

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  • Because You're on Punishment That's Why!
  • Posted by: Lalanii, March 2, 2011
  • Today my little guy is on punishment. I'm trying my best not to give in. Example: 'Maaa, can I have some hot chocolate?' He screams from the kitchen as he's already making his hot chocolate. "Yea, go 'head" I yell back. Fifteen second pause. "No! You may not have any hot chocolate, you are on punishment!" He forgot to turn in one of his projects at school, I did the laundry and what was crumpled up under his jeans dated February 17? -- but a note from his fifth grade teacher stating that he did not turn in his entire science project. Which included a place for a parent to sign. The page looked as though it had been already signed by someone, someone in which was O so not me. So what did mommy do? Well I did what any respectable mother would. I posted it on the refrigerator like it was something to be proud of. When he walked in, I pointed. He squinted. I got closer.

    "O, don't act like you don't remember, what happened to this? How come you didn't turn this in? What's going on?"

    "That was a loooooong time ago, and I already re-did it and turned it in and..." My foul face cut him off. The fact that he didn't do his project isn't bothering me as much as the fact that I missed (by two weeks!) signing acknowledgement of that misstep, and the fact that he got it signed by some other adult posing as me. I was definitely at his school the next afternoon, which happened to be raining - so convenient for walking in to have a discussion with his teacher. His teacher then informed me that it had indeed been turned in and that he was actually doing okay other than that one slip.

    "Maaa, can we go to the movies?" 

    "On Friday when you are off of punishment, perhaps we can go to the movies." I say to him without looking up from my laptop.

    I get no response. I look up. The child is sneakily grabbing my Teddy Grahams from under the bed, where he should not know that they are, and has them behind his back trying to make a clean get-away. 


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