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  • Posted by: Lalanii, March 7, 2011
  • Have you ever had an experience, or finally received something you'd wanted for so long- something that you thought would initially bring you so much joy, and it only gave you the opposite? And yet you couldn't do anything else except still long for that aching joy? Well my little newborn 'Notebook' kept me up all night. I bought her a playpen, toys, food, water and the doggie aka doll aka Queen of the house, was running me by her itty bitty little paw.

    When I left the room, I could hear a slight whimper, and I couldn't stand it for once second. I'd race back in the room to greet my little pup only to find that she's quiet the second I'd pick her up. This went on and in the middle of the night I could stand it no more, I picked her up and moved her fuzzy blanket and cushion onto my bed. The beautiful puppy falls asleep. She woke up at 3:30 AM and used the bathroom by herself (on her puppy pad - impressive) at the edge of my bed where it wasn't supposed to be. She then walked back to her warm spot sassily, curved herself-up - and went back to sleep... very daintily. I finally drift off too.

    Notebook woke up this morning without wanting to eat anything. I gave her vitamins and water, and she was playful for a bit, but not much.  I rushed to the Petco for something - anything that will help her. After I explain her extremely small size, the guy offers me goat milk. I run out with it, some baby food, and a baby bottle. I figured if she wasn't eating it was because of her lack of teeth, or interest in the food. After I feed her the baby bottle filled with maybe an ounce, she kept trying to go to sleep-- which was when I noticed her limp, she trips over her own feet twice - within her limping, and her overall weakness. I can feel my heart beating through my ears. No way. 

    I call the breeder immediately and rush over there within an hour. On the 405 I notice Notebook can no longer hold her head up by herself. I begin to speak to her, "Notebook hi sweet girl, you're okay, you're okay..." her eyes roll back into her head, I swerve to the side of the road in shock, and I begin screaming, singing, pleading with Notebook to be ok. After she grew immune to the sweetness in my voice- I barked. Yes, I barked, it opened her eyes and woke her up...I was desperate... I barked again, it caught her attention more, I even impersonated mad fighting dog barks. I finally saw through her doggie travel kennel that she'd keeled over inside. I began barking loudly and crazily as fast, random, and ridiculous as I could get. I barked to keep Notebook awake. I barked for 40 minutes until we got there as I sped along the freeway. Yes I barked, and it was quite the sight, sound. Once I arrived I discovered, that apparently my teacup Maltese likes to eat cat food. The guy had to imagine I was ridiculous because Notebook seemed fine after a few licks of the cat food. She had been either 'really picky with her food,' or just 'playing possum'. At least now I'll know that I'll have to slowly mix in the cat food with the other dry food. I just hope she's ok. I miss her because I had to leave her there for 'checking up' and overall well-being.

    Update: Baby Notebook is ok and well, she had three different types of worms and had to be treated. But she's good now. Thank goodness, she's good. 


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