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  • Posted by: Lalanii, March 24, 2011
  • If there are two things I wish so badly that I could have known when I was ten years younger they would be:

    1. How to set a goal and stick to it and still love myself if it fails.

    2. How to Live What I Love: Fashion, Writing and Personal endeavors. 

    I ran into this magical person yesterday. Sometimes it's just when you feel you've hit every low, every bottom, every blow-bubbling pouty-lip- it's just then that you meet a person who attempts to put everything in perspective for you. He explained to me that he'd been married some oddly wild number of years and been a millionaire owning more than 30+ properties, highs/lows, etc. and that once things went sour for his business etc. that his wife - left him because 'women like security,' true, very true. But this story isn't about him or his millions flowing out of the plane as his wife flew away. No. This story is about living what you LOVE and coming to terms with who you are. I'm superficial. I mean, superficial to the extent of someone being attractive to me personally, and everyone's attraction to someone is different... by different I mean unique. By unique I mean often times 'my type' fluctuates but has a general standard. I fail to realize this standard because I'm busy and because I'm generally ashamed to admit how superficial I am. How superficial we all are, honestly.

    Case and point: Not too long ago a friend of mine were having a 'girl's night out,' when she interrupted my blurting mouth with:

    Her: 'Grrrrrrl, did you see him?'

    Me: 'Who?'

    Her: 'That one, don't look now, but over there... I thought for sure you'd seen him because he is... {insert dreamy batting eyes}'

    Me: 'Nuh-uh'

    So as I looked around frantically I still didn't see him. Looked around again, (o so not discreetly) and still had no clue about who it was she was desperately seeking attention from. The fact was that after a few moments, I gave up and changed the subject and the night carried on but the entire time I was secretly trying not to seem dense to figure out the inside joke of who it was (exactly) that was so 'dreamerly' to her. I finally narrowed it down to a problem with my own eyes. I couldn't even 'see' her type because it was not my own. I couldn't notice the person she noticed because my eyes weren't at all trained to notice as poignantly as if he had been say-- my type, ahem.. ahem... Adam Rodriguez. Just for example. Which leads me back to the coffee shop... The man kept coming up with these stories of love, faithfulness, kindness, randomness, he went on about how there was no coincidence. Then comes his Jesus spiel. Of course it were. He was very interesting. {I meet interesting. Lol.} But even through it all it was the message of pushing through despite the adversity, carrying along through huffs and puffs. I thought about how he had said he had to sleep in his car and how nonchalant he was about it all. How he mentioned anxiety, panic, growth, love, confusion, career, children, finances, and loving what you do all before he knew a thing about me.

    Additionally I was inspired by two blog posts by a writer named Jozen who once wrote about not dating a woman unless he was one of the best looking guys she'd ever dated, and also his take on not broadening your horizons. 

    "If anything, when a man says something like what I'm saying, when a man is encouraging women to go out there and date the man they find themselves staring at for an inappropriate amount of time, they should feel empowered and go forth. Not just because I say so, but because that's how I'm living my life and I must say, dating someone you're very attracted to, someone who is beautiful in your eyes and is so fine you can watch her just sleep, it's a pretty good feeling. It's a pretty good feeling for me and it's a pretty good feeling for her." -Jozen

    I absolutely love good thoughts and inspiration. I love to read things that teach me a bit more about what is inside of me. The more I find out about myself the more I realize the steps I've missed. I haven't yet learned myself enough to live in everything I love, partly because so much of me still needs to be discovered. I realized that I have finally begun to touch on what that is. Loving and accepting my standards, my goals, my talents and myself.

    Original picture recommended found from the wonderful Library Adventures via original Limited Edition print from Heartfish Press.


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