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  • Unfortunate Unfortunate Dreams
  • Posted by: Lalanii, March 25, 2011
  • My dreams are realities. They're random, they're painful, they're rare manifestations of my imagination, and they come true. Like, seriously. This is what makes this so weirdly sad and irksome.

    I remember pieces of my dreams and they always tend to kick me. Hard. In my face. There's this one recurring dream that makes me shiver when I wake. Other times there's a cliche tear in my eye. I'm dizzy upon waking.

    It's my wedding day. I am wearing this mystic white gown, ghostly and old-fashioned. I can feel myself, but I'm not actually there and everyone is a  blur. I can sense who is in attendance from my immediate family, but the others I can't see. The dream catches in that stupid second where the door opens up and the wife is supposed to walk down the aisle prettily, but what do I do? -Pause like I'm dying, and one of two things happen; every single time this dream dreams. I faint. Done. On the floor. Whoops.

    Or two; have you seen Julia Roberts in Runaway Bride? I take to my Skechers Shape-Ups and dash down the cobblestone. Why in the middle of the most pressured time of my life am I having this slow motion nightmare? I mean yes, these dreams could be worse, I know. As they recur and I can foreshadow the dejavuish feeling in them- I can feel that I know (even in the dreams) that there won't be anything I can do to change the fate of what is going to happen. When I woke up this morning I thought to myself that there's no point in dreaming anymore. My dreams belong in a circus. I purchased a dream catcher. This oughta teach 'em. My friend was like "Oh you're just afraid of commitment. That one is easy."

    I'm never getting married am I? Lol. 


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