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  • Posted by: Lalanii, May 10, 2011
  • I have been watching episodes of television. Don't jump for joy just yet. Just these shows. I'll start at 7 or so, and well into the middle of the night, I'm still watching. Yes, I know, this is a strange event because I on one hand do not purposely subscribe to cable, only Netflix. I am often the one to run up on a curb (three now) because I had to read something on my iPhone or finish the end of a chapter, hence my love for the detail when reading. But yes I solemnly admit that I am hooked on these shows like confections: The sweet waffle from Coffeebean. Like red velvet cake. Like Airheads Extremes...

    • The Secret Life of the American Teenager: Character obsessions Amy aka Shailene Woodley: pregnant teenager full of sarcasm, star-crossed luck, and charming utopian optimism. And Philip Anthony-Rodriguez aka Ruben with eyes that make you forget how to think and properly sentences form, erh, reverse that.

    • Daybreak with the spicy Taye Diggs and Moon Bloodgood. Taye for his him-ness, and Moon for her sassy, edgy, yet sultry style. 13 episodes of yummy. Why???? Cancelled whyyyyyyyyy???? I was just beginning to have nightmares of my life repeating monotonously and then I realized it wasn't a nightmare. l.o.l?

    • Grey's Anatomy because Callie giving birth to that tiny little 1 lb. 'yikes' after that crazy proposal and car accident was just too much ridiculously brilliant writing, Shonda Rhimes, will your people call my people already? I have some content fo dat ass. The singing in the middle of one of the more recent episodes, however, was distracting and altogether beyond weird, albeit some surprising voices from unsuspecting characters.

    Everybody needs a little treat sometimes. Now, back to work I go. I finished Chapter 8 and am writing the first draft of the penultimate chapter of my memoir. Can we say it together now? Yei.

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