• Midnight in Paris: Another Flighty Movie Review

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  • Midnight in Paris: Another Flighty Movie Review
  • Posted by: Lalanii, June 15, 2011
  • Movie Review Grade: B

    Comedy. Fantasy. Romance.

    What writer's dream isn't to have their book reviewed by Gertrude Stein? Rachel McAdams (Inez) and Owen Wilson are stars in this romantic dramedy set in what some believe to be the most aesthetically beautiful place in the world, Paris. Ahhh, swoon. Owen plays Gil, a successful screenwriter struggling to try his luck at writing prose. He finds himself in wanderlust, off on his own after the midnight hour, discontent with his wife-to-be clumsily drooling over an old college professor.Gil manages to meander right into the 1920's where he meets, such characters as Ernest Hemingway and F. Scott Fitzgerald. O, Paris how I love thee. Especially posed amongst such actors as Corey Stoll. Hemingway's narcissistic arrogance gallivants across the screenwords flowing ever eloquently, as fitting as cobblestones and illusions. More in love with this era than his own, Gil seemingly jabs at the belief that being alive in another time would prove better than the time they currently live in. This also falls near to the possibility that the dream is a bit more fluent and flickering than real life, as Gil encounters Adriana, (Marion Cotillard) a sultry fox trying to escape her own reality. Other reviews will say this movie strikes delusions that having a life different from their own would again be better, but more substantive and factual is that Midnight in Paris explores true happiness in being able to make one's own decisions, live in the moment, and even make a few unexpected, and perhaps even unreasonable chances. Ah Woody Allen, you've done it again, sir. http://youtu.be/BYRWfS2s2v4

    Also if you like this movie you'll love: A Secret Affair, directed by Bobby Roth, written by Barbara Taylor Bradford. (On Netflix now!)


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