• I'm In Love with Daniel Pink, Except He's Married.

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  • I'm In Love with Daniel Pink, Except He's Married.
  • Posted by: Lalanii, July 18, 2011
  • But Still, It Was The Best 55 Minutes in Bed, of My Life. Laying across my duvet, laptop open... watching his videos on YouTube. 

    "A picture might be worth a thousand words, but a metaphor is often worth a thousand pictures."

    -Daniel Pink

    Because he started his career in law (like I was supposed to - having a 4.0 GPA most of high school and undergraduate school) and then went on to write books and become a motivational speaker, I sat back to watch him tell about his experiences with the working world. What I got from it? MFA's and right-brained thinkers will be more valuable and less expendable to the automated world than will all of the professions that can be computerized. Aha. Creativity and outside of the box thinking is harder to cultivate, and it could be because we have been taught to think that the safest professions are the ones to shoot for. Putting food on the table is what is most important? Well, yes, and no. I explain: For me, the most important factor in life isn't necessarily providing for my family. Wait, for it. This is why most of the six figure incomes I know, are racking it up in psychotherapy bills for unhappiness, habits that turned into addictions, or in the middle or end of their divorces. Maybe there's no correlation, but happiness has to have coincidence since karma is too hard to prove. Maybe it's just my own experiences, but I find it self-soothing to go after the things you love to do” and then spend that time trying to figure out how it can make you a living. I can't provide for my family (I now know) if I'm so depressed that I can't get out of bed. If I am so stuck in myself with not enough free time to do what means most to me, and for me that's writing. Again, for me, that's spending time with myself. Then I can attempt to waveboard with my young lad. Me first, him second. Without being ok, I cannot take care of another. This applies to relationships as well. Pink touches on the way 'high-pressure environments' affect production, and how when given more freedom (such as at jobs like Google where 24 hours is given to employees to create whatever they want and present to the company the next day) more progression and discovery is made. It is true for me and I'm sure for many that when you do things for the love of doing it, you just do it better. Everything else falls in line or doesn't. I would have hated to have gotten that law degree when my heart is filled with words. I suppose my luck, love, and faith in if that was the right decision or not can be summed up in my wanderlustish behaviors and in Anne Lamott's quote from Traveling Mercies I am reading:

    'Looking back on the God my friend believed in, he seems a little erratic, not entirely unlike her father” God as borderline personality. It was like believing in the guy who ran the dime store, someone with a kind face but who was always running behind and had already heard every one of your lame excuses a dozen times before” why you didn't have a receipt, why you hadn't noticed the product's flaw before you bought it. This God could be loving and reassuring one minute, sure that you had potential, and then fiercely disappointed the next, noticing every little mistake and just in general what a fraud you really were. He was a God whom his children could talk to, confide in, and trust, unless his mood shifted suddenly and he decided to blow up Sodom and Gomorrah.'

    So much actually depends on the belief you have in yourself and the way you apply yourself to what you believe in. So thank you for following my latest obsessions that include Daniel Pink, which happens to be a name that combines one of my favorite first names and one of my favorite colors. Yes, his videos and blogcasts are witty, inspiring, and so easy to listen to. That's all for today.


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