• All I Ever Wanted - Prompt by Hope Edelman, Persona in Creative Nonfiction

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  • All I Ever Wanted - Prompt by Hope Edelman, Persona in Creative Nonfiction
  • Posted by: Lalanii, December 16, 2011
  • All I ever wanted...  was a beach house with bay windows trimmed in yellow...

    Opposing interior walls grey and one person to think my faults were moldable. Movable. Musical. Mutable, and journey-full.

    He'd wear a newsboy cap and drink chai and have no problem sitting back to back in the middle of our picnic where we might share apples.

    Or we might both at least enjoy the idea of sharing apples, but opt for cinnamon topped cheeses, raisin rosemary crackers, and melon instead. He'd probably decide on our dinner fixins because he'd understand that if I'd been writing or editing that by the time I realized what was going on it'd be dark already and 'our son' would be exclaiming that he's staaaaaaaaaarving, and by 'our son,' I'd mean my son, by a previous father, but 'our son' because he'd never pose any distinction on those specifics and he'd explain how he'd known from the first moment he'd shared proverbial apples with me that he was cut out to be a father, a friend, and a foundation for us as a family.

    All I ever wanted was a beach house, with 12 ft. ceilings and overlarge pastel mosaic doors where he'd come through every evening and never say 'honey, I'm home,' but rather, 'a little help here, in your vows you said you loved me?' And at the top of the stairs there I'd stand. Big-bang-kapow-smile like I just ate calorie-less pie, hands on hips in my pink stilettos, boyshorts, and his oversized sweatshirt. 'What took you so long?'


    Hope Edelman taught a seminar today entitled 'Who's Telling Your Story? Persona in Creative Nonfiction.' I listed nearly 20 separate personas I either have or want to inhabit in my writing. The above snippet was written from the perspective of a single mother/turned wife. The piece had to begin with: All I ever wanted _______. Over the course of the next six months my nonfiction pieces will start to evolve as I challenge myself to push and play with my voice on the page.

    P.S. The man I describe above is presently fictional, but those shoes exist.


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