• But You Still Love My Naggin' Ass

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  • But You Still Love My Naggin' Ass
  • Posted by: Lalanii, February 11, 2012
  • I am the woman who would put this on her man's dash. I am also the woman who will cook him lemon chicken with rosemary in red high heels, and might I add that they may not come off throughout the night, if you know what I mean. But I am also a woman who needs things to get done. I like reminders.  These are the top five reasons I am an absolute f*&%$#@* nag.

    1. It's innate, my Mama did it, sister did it, and my entire childhood was polluted with naggerific tendencies. It's not an excuse, it's just why.

    2. I want the best for you baby, for us, don't you see it?

    3. Perhaps because I've only ever had experiences with people in which I have to nag or nothing will ever get done.

    4. I'm a mother and that came as a package deal.

    5. And finally, because it's one of the few things I can do that will incite an immediate reaction. I like immediate reactions.

    I'm going to generalize here, which I don't like to do, but for the sake of the topic, I don't mean everyone, but some and possibly even most. What's the worst thing a woman can do you ask? I answer. Nag. Yes, we know it is annoying, and I can even venture to say, until we nag (a repeatedly whiny asking over and over of the same thing) or get louder, you're generally going to ignore us until it gets... urgent for you.  It's like something else large has to be at stake. I like things at stake. I feel like there's this misconception, this misconception that a woman's perfect man needs to be half-naked washing dishes. I'm here to tell you, as desirable as that might be, that isn't what (and if I can speak for the women that I know) we want. I, coupled with the few power women spoke on THIS topic all too recently, and it all falls in line with what I've always known. Nagging has more to do with feeling alone with regards to responsibility, while a significant other should share the heaviness of my load. Teamwork, go teamwork. Nagging has more to do with attention span, or lack thereof, and acknowledging when something has been asked, (even in a sensual way) and still no concerted efforts have been made. I can remember the feeling of utter helplessness, the hindrance. The resentment and frustration, like I'm gonna 'crawl up the wallside,' because I've asked and been disregarded for things that are (at the top of my list as) less important: ie: workouts, playing basketball, drinking beer, watching Lakers or Raiders, or my own personal favorite - feet kicked up in the lazy chair. I want my feet kicked up in the lazy chair? But what am I doing instead? Refilling the puppy bowl, helping revamp his personal statement or CV, sorting laundry yet again, matching up his missing socks, replacing the toilet tissue and the paper towels back on the roll because none of y'all see that sh*t is empty. All I'd like is for a man who notices things, acknowledges what I've said, and is present in the relationship he is in. Since I'm currently single, I stand to warn a potential that, yes, I nag, with the most tender care and in the most yielding and loving way possible. I nag. Don't worry, I use positive reinforcement, too. Very positive. I like positive. What about you?

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