• The Things We Won't Admit To Ourselves

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  • The Things We Won't Admit To Ourselves
  • Posted by: Lalanii, March 27, 2012
  • I'm better at surprises now. The dreams are enormous.

    'Happiness in intelligent people is the rarest thing I know' - Hemingway

    We are lying on a paisley blanket beneath a sunburst sky. I have the hiccups. You have the why's. Why is it you? You've interpolated my verbiage and now all I want to do is go house shopping. Stereotype meteorology by staring stars down. Ruminate in my ruffles. Sing in the shower 'I'm a movement by myself, but I'm a force when we're togetherrrrrrrrrr!' I want to know you better. Better, I want to know. Immobilized manic and idiosyncratic, I'll curtsey for you. I'll fiddle enchantless, err enchantress. Had a dream I was dreaming and you and I were staring into each others' keyholes. Real slow. Not the sinkhole, but the peephole, I meant the eyelid, but really the heartbeat. Was I locked and will I open? Or was it moving slowly enough while I baked organic chicken and roasted vegetables? A blue supernova'd you on the line of barely. A tizzied skyride this is. See. Look at me, no hands? Or fear. And we both watch as the universe reverts, as joy rips holes into - not the line drawn but the line crossed. Not the line but the warning. Not the line but the stepping over, the kiss in which we've woven in me is you. Not you, but your butterskin-wandering, maybe you and an endless hot bath I wonder? I'm better at surprises now. The dreams are miniscule. We are sitting back to back on a plaid blanket in the middle of a somewhere beneath an utterly alone, no underneath a broken pie. I have incessant cough attacks. You have the why's. Why is it I? Why is it why? I Can't think of anything but how this lemonade is going to taste?



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