• Happy F Day! An Open Letter To My Dad.

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  • Happy F Day! An Open Letter To My Dad.
  • Posted by: Lalanii, June 21, 2015
  • Happy F Day! Because that’s what you did to become who you are, and yay to you for it. Thanks for passing down your awkward *ss genes (short for genius I know, lol) and thanks for always listening, the best gift a Dad can give a daughter, even when I don’t always reciprocate well. 

    Thank you for our ‘computer dates’ as a kid; it made me love technology as an adult. 

    Thank you for working so much, instilling loss of time and exhaustion, but definitely good work ethic. Qualities that’re hard to find; qualities just as hard to have. 

    Thanks for being a nerd, thanks for your intelligence and your classy demeanor, thanks for your rage; I have very small bouts of patience because of you. It ebbs and ohhhs much like my yoga skills. 

    Thanks for not playing any board games or any games with me whatsoever growing up. I am, thanks so much, not very good at pool, checkers, chess, cards, any group games, well, any games I can’t learn in five minutes. I am part introvert and don’t like to be bothered and spend ridiculous amounts of time alone. I will however woop dat *ss in Tetris—self-taught, albeit rusty.

    Thanks for showing me that creativity can be stable, for being an entrepreneur, putting food on the table, and for making your life a sacrifice for me. That really sucks, but I finally understand how it feels to not be appreciated for that sacrifice — and the pangs of knowing when someone really doesn’t know any better. I love you. 

    Thanks, for f*cking Mom and making me, now wasn’t that something awesome? You made a person and now here she goes, a spitting image of the two. A wildflower Gemini with an extra dose of hopeless and a dollop of hopeful. That hope you can keep. Oh and by the way, hope doesn’t float. 

    But Dad, could you maybe have added a bit more of the temperamental influx of WTF in your masterpiece mistake that is I? 

    I guess not, I couldn’t have done so better, myself. 

    Happy Father’s Day Daddie. 

    You’re the love of my life!


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