• Death Pendulum: Diddy Knockin' Bishes Out w/Kettlebells

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  • Death Pendulum: Diddy Knockin' Bishes Out w/Kettlebells
  • Posted by: Lalanii, June 23, 2015
  • Words to fists, or words to kettlebells, rather. Vulture magazine reported Diddy coming to blows with a UCLA coach here.

    And I think at one point or another we've all been there. You know where we've felt enough rage to harm another person. I guess the difference is if you choose to, or if you choose not to. I don't know any bit of the situation, but I can guess sources are correct when they say this may have had something to do with his son. There's only one thing that can anger a person like that, family. That, and maybe if you have money and you wanna be you know, Diddy. Let's not remember the infamous line from Making The Band

    "I would like y'all to go into Time Square and sing for two hours. By the time you get into Brooklyn, you'll be able to pick me up some cheesecake."

    He not right, even then. This is so funny. 

    Everyone always says use your words, but we all know in a moment of heightened emotion, that's irrelevant. And yes, let me not downplay the immense wounds words can inflict, but like dogs to humans, words are not the same as physically harming a person. Bad nonetheless, but not like sitting up in a hospital waiting for your body to heal. Do you go to jail for calling someone a bishhhh? No, someone might say you should keep better company (elevate yourself, I’ll come back to this) but do you go to jail for knocking a bishhh to the ground, yessum, sure do. Class my fine people, class. But it's cool though, Diddy made bail.

    My best friend of fifteen years put her hands on me once when we were much much younger. We got into it after getting drunk one night, the usual story. To sum it up, her and a friend hit, scratched, and kicked me until my head fell back against the cement block in between the cars. It's a memory I'll have forever. I spent most of my life regretting the unforgivable things I said to her that night under the influence, but I'll spend the rest of it remembering the slow motion moment - in her act of rage, and that I had a concussion because of my very best friend, in this world. I'm very apparently a lover not a fighter, so yes, I got beat up. Lol. But then again, the way you start things, that's how you finish them, generally. When her and I met in middle school she slapped me because I wouldn't take my turn to do the dishes in our cooking class. Somehow we became besties afterwards, to our eventual demise. You come at me you have no respect for me, you can't possibly be a good person for me to be around, wait, scratch that, you come at me, you have no respect for yourself. 

    So, people actually do show you glimpses of who they are; it's just up to you to listen to them

    We haven't spoken since. 

    My ex put his hands on me, a few times actually. But he was such a charming Tarzan every other second, so much as so - people wouldn't truly believe me. Have you seen that Boy Next Door movie with J.Lo? Think Ryan Guzman (Noah!) stalking tendencies and all. One of the things I remember him saying on our second date (years before the ridiculous behavior, the drugs and drinking) was "If you go anywhere, I'll find you" if I had only known what that meant, lol. Took me 3 years to give up fear and leave, but I finally did. 

    Shall I quote my fav: “Angry people are not always wise.” 

    ― Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice


    Trust issues much? Yep.


    And by no means am I in my little perfect glass castle. I feel when people make physical missteps it means they haven't grown up enough. I have been drunk, sleepy, sad, irritable, etc. and I have never once attempted to fight (with my hands) a person. Probably because I know I'd lose, and that’s the only reason, I’ve only been in that one fight in my life. l might have thrown a dish or two in my day. A cheese tray count? It was porcelain. Lol. Anyway we've all acted outside of ourselves, at times. No one of us is without fault in our lives. Keep your mind wrapped around this part. 

    But I will say there is one thing I have acquired in my experiences. There just isn't an excuse for inflicting (or attempting to inflict) physical harm to any person. Harm that in which in your moment of rage, you don't know the severity of damage you'll do. It's not just immature, as much as it is lack of knowledge and emotional intelligence, so much that it actually resembles a tantrum in its chaotic nature.

    1. Can you comprehend what you're attempting and the consequences? 

    2. Is there a way to pause the moment and view the motives of the other person? It may help you to understand and shy away from your behavior.

    3. Is the person even worth the trouble? 

    It's to me an inflammation of too much aggression. This is what gym memberships are for. This is what therapy is for. This is why massages and getting enough rest are important. No one wants to be around a person too passive, someone too nonchalant about life, show some emotion, but the magical balance is what we're all after. 

    Diddy's recent altercation with a coach and a kettlebell makes him human, yes we know, but it also shows a bit of how he may grown up. The way a person is raised is a direct reflection of their ability to solve problems and control feelings. It makes them ill-equipped to conduct themselves respectively in emotional situations. For me, I've gotten older and now I just don't want the drama. And guess what? I think maybe people give you a second look. 

    Maybe sometimes people show you again, exactly who they are, and perhaps they give you another hint into the way they are (and likely who they've been all their lives) and you find it's just what you don't need in your life. There’s no best out of three. 

    Diddy didn't have any magical balance. At all. What - do you just go up to your son's school like I'm 'bouta catch a case today. Yup, yup? But what's even funnier are the comments at Vulture magazine. The death pendulum? I died. I had to screenshot them here: 

    Diddy Kettlebells

    No amount of sorries, not even the sorriest, remedy that. They say forgiveness is freeing, but elevating yourself from flying kettlebells and people who can't conduct themselves with class. That is what free is. 

    But I wonder did he lift from the legs, you know, coming from a squat? Lolz. I kid. I kid. 


    Screenshots from: Vulture Magazine


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