• Music: Got The Drink in Me Going Back to Back - Drake and Meek Both Eatin'

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  • Music: Got The Drink in Me Going Back to Back - Drake and Meek Both Eatin'
  • Posted by: Lalanii, August 5, 2015
  • I guess I should weigh in now. Since, you know I've been asked numerous times to weigh my position on the ghostwriting debate and the beef between rappers Drake and Meek Mill. 


    So from the top: 

    Drake and Meek Mill Beef


    WARNING: I'm going to have a very biased opinion, considering I have made my living for the last 15 years as a ghostwriter, copywriter, and blogger amongst many other types of creativity. In that biased opinion I hope to at least expose the negativity in judging Drake for having a writing team (or any other artists for that matter)  no matter how true or false it is. You try to sit down on deadline and pen the best piece of writing you've ever written. Promise you go flat. It takes a lot of inspiration, relaxation, and concentration. A lot of elements influence creativity, I learned this in my masters program jumping from coffee shop to couch, to kitchen, to floor.


    I can only imagine how hard it is to come up with bars, as when Meek responded, it was less than favorable by most. There's also rumors Nicki broke up with the rapper over his response. Maybe it's not true. Maybe.  


    So ok, 


    1. Meek you actually WANT to be compared to Drake. An artist in his own right, old or young, generally respects those in the same fields as he. No, I'm not saying bow down or anything, but there was a reason you wanted him on your album in the first place, no? 


    2. Who actually cares if he uses a ghostwriter or not, if the outcome is great music, why does the way that "magic" happened matter? We have a good idea that Drake is not only a good writer, rapper/singer musician, but also a talented and creative individual - so if he has to enlist a team of musical support - I personally don't see harm in that. However, if someone else is writing every song - he may call himself an artist, not a writer, and definitely not a lyricist. 


    3. I digress because either way, Drake is making money, so... I'm not sure it matters what he calls himself at this point. Another question though: because you're making money doing something you love - do the details of who assisted you along the way and how you got there no longer matter?


    4. After a certain point, beyond money, there's reputation; notoriety, and creativity. There's less to be desired - so what begins to matter most to you, is what people think of you. (I know this, I'm a psychology drop out, and I can assure you the only things that have stopped me from making certain decisions, have a lot of times been - if I can be honest - what I think others will think about that decision.) So when Drake responds for the second time to this supposed beef, and raps about sending bottles to Charlamagne, "You gon’ make me step out of my f–kin’ frame/You gon’ make me buy bottles for Charlamagne," and he actually sends the radio host bottles of Dom Perignon with the notation "Let's Be Friends" ~ Aubrey Graham, [found at Entertainment Weekly] I call that creative. LOL. 


    5. I think the responses over this online have been the funniest ever. And the funniest cartoon, help me. 


    Drake Funny Memes


    Drake Meek Beef Funny Memes

    Drake Meek Funny Memes


    6. Folks at MTV had things to say: 


    But, then he went on to add, “Are people trying to say that Drake’s not talented all around because somebody wrote a song? Because that’s crazy,” and posed the question that most diehard rap fans have been debating, “If you’re shooting for the G.O.A.T. [Greatest of all Time] list, can someone else write some of your rhymes?” 


    As for a response, if you're shooting for the G.O.A.T list, you'd BETTER get a team of ghostwriters. WTF you thought? LMFAO. Obama's speechwriters are ready at a moment's call. This doesn't mean you'll have no hand in what you say, it means you don't have to look at a blank page. And better, yet, you have a collective effort more likely to turn out better than one person in their own head, suffering. Y'all don't know writer's block, like actual writers do. I speak from experience. 


    Hey Meek, 


    There are levels to this sh*t. LOL. 


    "Rappers with writers is nothing new; artists like Dr. Dre, Diddy and Kanye West are all known to have used writers in varying degrees. Still, for an MC like Drake, who is widely regarded as one of the game’s top lyricists, the accusations are shocking and could be damaging. Most fans don’t know the politics of rappers with writers, and that’s because in hip-hop a ghostwriter is supposed to remain quiet. They very rarely speak out — until now." pens Rob Markman over at MTV


    But I will say, both rappers are very talented and "Jump Out The Face" from Meek Mill's new CD, "Dreams Worth More Than Money" is just ONE of the instant hits I run on the treadmill to. "Lord Knows" is not a bad listen either. 


    So, was it all a publicity stunt? You know if you Google Drake now, Meek comes up? LOL. 


    And are you #TeamMeek or #TeamDrake? You know you picked a side. C'mon. 


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