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  • Posted by: Lalanii, October 16, 2015
  • I have to start letting everyone else's problems NOT become my own. 

    What's so useful about my heart if it cares about so many things it has no control over. I'm always stuck as the person who cares too much, worries too much, works too hard, overdoes it. This week we'll re-launch my site and advertise. I can't do anything about this now. This can't be a worry I have. 

    My room is a hot boughetto mess (bourgeoisie + ghetto = boughetto). I called the girl to help me organize my teeny tiny walk-in closet, she's coming on Tuesday. This can no longer be a worry I have. I'm pretty sure I'm coming down with what my dad would call heptavidavidavoisis in my throat. Popped my mopey tail down to the pharmacy and got that Claritin-D. Don't forget the D, it's a major let down without it, lol. This is no longer a worry I need to have. 

    Trying to speak things into existence is difficult, trying to re-train my mind to think positively doesn't work for me. So I'm doing the opposite. Some #uninspirational thinking. How I see it is I may be able to execute this better in my current state of mind, than try to change what that is. 

    So for now... everything is not my problem. The F it attitude, but a tad more subtle. 

    O, you need to borrow money, #notmyproblem o, I need to do this or that or this within this unrealistic timeframe because you weren't properly prepared prior to this assignment #notmyproblem, o you mad I'm just enjoying life. 

    Say it with me now... #notmyproblem. 

    Let me get back to my real problems because this nail biting situation is really getting outta control. My nailaesthetician is on call. Let me call her *ss. 


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