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  • Inspiration: Create Art
  • Posted by: Lalanii, October 17, 2015
  • You know one thing I've learned? 

    The way people treat you has absolutely nothing to do with the way you treat them.

    How a person feels about me, has little to do with how I feel about them. Doesn't matter if they like or love me or not, that fact doesn't change a thing about how I feel, that only changes something in them. That's it. 

    So many people mistake me - I talk to EVERYONE, don't be alarmed, this is normal, at least for me. I select very few to trust, but talk? Yes, everyone! You might catch me in a deep conversation with someone I met 8 minutes ago. I've been known to scream out "I LOVE YOU!" Why? Because it feels good. My spin teacher on Saturdays? I love her! Truth is, I do. I love everyone, especially her though. Especially the guy at Tender Greens who remembers me by name, especially the FedEx guy too. Definitely him, my packages leave on time and arrive safely. The old lady at the bank, I really love her, I miscount all the time. I love celebrities I haven't met, entrepreneurs for their spirit and the way they inspire me, employees, strangers. You get it. 

    Yes, there are different types of love. I can love a certain style, a personality, I could love a person's gifts (intellectual, monetary, their vibe) and I can also be very silent. That's a form of love too.

    I'd love it if you'd leave my *ss alone. LOL.

    Or I love you, but I'm swamped right now. We can hang later, yea? 

     Yes, it's true, I create categories for the people I love. My puppy, she's in a little box marked up with my heart. My son, he's an everflow of creativity/passionate as all ever, obsessive in his own right, his box is marked up with every piece of my soul. My parents, mind - heart - all of it. Friends, I feel like they all reflect my creative essence and love as well.

    And since my circle is so small it's a period (~Drake, I love you) I have even more room to love even harder now.  

    More on this photoshoot later.

    But as for now...

    Love hard, meet everyone, create art. 


    I love you,




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