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  • Dating: One and Two Word Answers  . . .
  • Posted by: Lalanii, October 25, 2015
  • So if you know me, like reallllllly know me... I am NOT a one or two word girl. 

    I'm just not made that way. 

    So if we're in some kind of 'situation,' if you ask me a few simple questions and my answer more than three times is a one or a two word answer. You done f*cked up. 

    So let's say you're like: 

    Hey how are you? 


    How have you been? 


    How's work been? 


    This... is the reddest flag you can ever get in life. Because my usual answer is: 

    I'm great, except for my feet were hurting the other day, and I ate too much at lunch on Tuesday, that shrimp dish I get with the avocado, ohhweee and the shower needs to be cleaned, but before that I have to wash the clothes in the hamper basket I sort of started cleaning up the other night and I was going to clean the shower but my dog, my dog sometimes she just doesn't know how to behave - did you know that broad bit me the other day because I was trying to take a wingstop drumstick from her? She wasn't even supposed to have that! 

    That... is what you should get, if you got:

    I'm fine. 

    Everything's great. 

    Thanks for asking. 

    Or any other generic movie answer. You should know, maybe, we're not in Kansas anymore. 

    It would have been nice to hear from you sooner. 

    I would have been nicer then. 

    Things would have be ok. 

    Not one word. 

    Or two. 

    Yea, this conversation we're not having, it's. 



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