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  • Happy Halloween: Voodoo Doll Photo Love Story
  • Posted by: Lalanii, October 31, 2015
  • Once upon an unhappily ending there was a dark faerie named Layla Rochelle. 


    When she set her sights on anything she wanted, she would soon have it. 


    Lalanii Rochelle Fashion Blogger


    She met a boy. Fell in lovely. 


    She was his. He was hers. They were inseparable.  Clearly. So inseparable in fact, that when he decided he wanted to focus in other directions she got very angry. Layla was no dark faerie, she set her mind to voodoo, and so it was. 


    Voodoo Doll Lalanii Rochelle ShapeshifterZ


    She turned him into a bunny so she could always have him to herself.


    Lalanii Rochelle is a Voodoo Doll Happy Halloween


    She carried him with her everywhere. The boy-bunny begged for mercy. 


    Lalanii Rochelle Voodoo Doll #1 Halloween Costume Fashion Blogger

    She looked him in the eyes and told him. "I cannot watch you love everyone, except me, I cannot watch you love everyone, and leave me. I cannot stand by and watch you succeed; when you no longer care about me. What happened to us?"


    What she didn't realize was the people you hold too tightly can't fly. They fail. Bunnies you cast spells on resent you. 

    She had to let go. She had to. 

    Lalanii Rochelle Voodoo Doll #1 Fashion Blogger in Los Angeles, CA

    She quickly regretted her decision. As a bunny, they could no longer make each other happy in the same ways.

    He felt trapped. She felt frustrated. They were both unhappy. 


    Lalanii Rochelle Best Fashion Blogger Brand Ambassador


    She began to hear voices. The voices spoke to her in her head so much, it drove her insane.


    Voodoo Doll Lalanii Crazy

    They told her she was a bad person for trying to hold love so close. 


    So as quickly as she fell... she fixed her mind to let go. And she did voodoo on herself to forget him. 




    Lalanii Rochelle Fashion Blogger


    In the middle of the process, her bunny had a change of heart. He screamed to her: "Layla, Layla... remember me! I will be here for you, I will love you again. We will build castles again, we will concoct magic spells, we will take over the wilderness once again! I don't want to be a boy again, I just want to love you!"


    But it was too late. The effects of her voodoo spell was too strong. 


    Voodoo Doll Lalanii Rochelle Fashion Blog


    She sat deep in the voodoo forest one day.


    And she let him go, forever. 

    Lalanii Rochelle Voodoo Doll


    She'd already forgotten.


    Epilogue: The bunny is ok, she has turned him back into a boy, they both love each other very much and have agreed to remain friends only. She now uses her voodoo for good. The end. 



    Disclaimer: This story is fun 'play fiction'. All characters (and bunnies) in this story were unharmed. Lol. 


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    Additional thanks to: 

    Retail Team: @ShapeShifterZ 

    Photographer: @mistaheiser - thanks Andy I love you! 

    Designer: @stephanietakemotoart - Steph, your banners are fire!

    Mua: @infinitebeaut_t - My image comes alive in your hands. Thanks!


    Want your product featured? Email: editors@lalanii.com! 




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