• Wine, Travel, Food: Laguna Beach Staycation ~ Day 1 - Scenic Route

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  • Wine, Travel, Food: Laguna Beach Staycation ~ Day 1 - Scenic Route
  • Posted by: Lalanii, November 16, 2015
  • My stay, was ... stunning.


    Laguna Beach Stunning Landscape by JK Photo Magazine




    I'll tell you, there's not many places I'd like to live as much as where I am now... but Laguna Beach definitely won me over!  


    Laguna Beach Heaven


    These quaint Laguna Beach shops and stores were tucked away and oh-so cute! Everything was walking distance along the cute strip of stores and restaurants. It was right off south coast highway. 


    Quaint Laguna Beach Shops and Stores


    The bustle wasn't a hustle and I felt so right at home. 


    Cute shops and dining in Laguna Beach, CA


    It was a bit breezy on the rooftop, but at the hotel there's heat lamps and they gave out blankets.

    So everything was fine! 


    Laguna Beach La Casa Del Camino




    When we first arrived in Laguna, we had lots of fun at the hotel bar. There was something to do each day of my stay! There was a happy hour the first night, at K'Ya the bistro downstairs, and I kid you not, it was the best happy hour... we had this Spicy Cauliflower, the Fish Bowl (with today's fresh fish), some sweet Thai Chicken (not pictured), and some sweet potatoe firies. There were also these cosmos that seemed to be a bit watered down... until it hits ya. LOL. I will be in recovery mode the entire week!


    Ky'a Restaurant and Bar Food - Courtesy of Yours Truly LOL!


    We hopped from place to place hitting first Mozambique, a snazzy~Reggae spot with live music and hip grooves. We moved from there to Skyloft, a new upbeat restaurant with wall-to-wall windows amongst a bright backdrop. The last spot in Laguna we hit was the "Dirty Bird," (originally named Sandpiper, nicknamed by the locals) and I got to play darts for the first time! [shame!] Look how close I got. 


    Sandpiper Dirty Bird - I snapped this one after my almost win lol!


    Pretty much spot-on, this was a great trip!



    All pictures on this page unless otherwise noted are by my on-location photographer: JK Photo Magazine 


    Please follow him on Instagram, his perspective is incredible!


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