• Travel: Week 1 - Christmas Vacation with Family in Richmond, Virginia

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  • Travel: Week 1 - Christmas Vacation with Family in Richmond, Virginia
  • Posted by: Lalanii, December 26, 2015
  • Hi Lovelies,

    Writing you from brisky Richmond, Virginia. That wonderful banner image is my beautiful sister. An exact spitting image of me by personality, but we are polar opposites otherwise. I have enjoyed her to the fullest and wish she would stop playing and move back to Cali, but such is wishful thinking. Or, when I get rich. This is happening. I am putting this in writing and I'm not ever this positive.

    We opened Christmas gifts and had a really wonderful morning. My nieces, nephew, brother, sis, mom, son and my pup. Sure beats sitting at home missing everybody. I used to come every Christmas, and then well... life and stress and love got the best of me. 

    Here is my overly-cheesy photo. Because when something is funny... it's like, really funny. Ugh my fatty hawaiian cheeks. Ugh. 

    Ugg Boots in one of my Favorite Colors!

    And my Notebook came too, but she isn't very "family" friendly. The whole time she's been barking loudly and ackin' like she owns the place. Pretty funny. My sister is not a dog person, so she snapped at her the first night we were here... ever since then she's had her tail up high in the air showing all the way out. My brother has changed her name to "Bookcase" and I think it's hilarious. She got a glowy fur ball toy (pictured next to her) and she actually enjoys it. 

    Notebook my perfect Maltese

    Donovan (my nephew) left early because he plays the drums and had a gig in Louisiana ~ go him! 

    Olivia (my niece) has now gone back up closer to DC as well since she no longer lives at home. She has to prep for her new job! Congrats Livy on becoming a teacher. She speaks (and thinks) in Spanish (has her lil' students) and she's changing lives, I'm so proud of her. She took what I thought was my dream (teaching) and she ran with it! So great. 

    Victoria (my second niece) is holding it down with her job, playing basketball and getting her fitness on. I'll kidnap her in the Summer to show her LA. 

    And Mommy is doing good... cooking for the church and elderly, so selflessly. Loud, beer in hand, cursing, and playing cards... some things change... but some things stay exactly the same. 

    They get on my nerves to no end, but I love all of them. Each and every one. More pics soon!!! Can't wait to show you my few days in Washington and New York!!!




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