• Unspiration: Hate List 2015 - Inspired By Betsy Lerner

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  • Unspiration: Hate List 2015 - Inspired By Betsy Lerner
  • Posted by: Lalanii, December 30, 2015
  • Hey 2015, looks like I've brought you with me into 2016. Damn. 


    My HATE LIST 2015 inspired by the one and only Betsy Lerner.


    1. Empire Season Finale. Why she had to fall down the stairs tho? 

    2. ... Corporate America. 

    3. Saying Black Lives Matter as though All Lives Don't Matter. Saying All Lives Matter and idiots deducing that to mean you don't understand that the case in point is black humans being hurt and killed. Education Matters. Health Matters. Respect Matters, and yes, Black Lives Matter. 

    4. Those real life people who follow you but you don't hear from them except on Holidays and Sexy Pictures. 

    5. My gym closing by 10:30 pm. C'mon @equinox what about us night owls? 

    6. Professionals who don't behave professionally. 

    7. Pretty food that tastes nasty. 5 star restaurants, poo star taste. Foodies ya hear me? 

    8. Show outs and stuck ups, I am not having it at any expense this year.

    9. The term “Netflix and Chill.” Not only do I not want to Netflix with you, I don't want to chill with yo *ss either. 

    10. Christmas. Broken Promises, broken hope. New Years. Every day is a new year.

    Am I bah-hum? Yea whatevs. Check hers here. 


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