• Travel: Week 2 - Clubbing In Washington, DC

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  • Travel: Week 2 - Clubbing In Washington, DC
  • Posted by: Lalanii, January 3, 2016
  • We didn't take many pictures but we did go to a place called Cloak and Dagger and we were VIP because of my boi... so we got to walk all upstairs... tiny but super cute. Gorgeous aesthetic neon blue lighting and so many people formed sort of a dance circle. Apparently there's also a super discreet Fireplace entrance... so says Yelp... lol, but we just walked right in... I must have missed that part in all of my excitement. 


    Ultra Bar Washington DC


    Then we bar hopped to another place called Ultra Bar with several levels of rooms with different music. Of course, you know me... I stayed in the salsa room (with the upbeat music) and I went to the edm/trance/mixed music room briefly too. My homegirl wanted to go to the hip hop room but by the time we trekked all the way up there, I was feeling my little two drinks so I was like, no thanks; such a lightweight, haha.


    I went back down to the room where I could lookie-loo all the cute pies and I didn't have to know the songs at all :-) Sometimes I can have several drinks and I'm fine, and sometimes two is just it. Usually, the determining factor is how many carbs I've had and if I've actually ingested solid food or not. Some days it's just smoothies and juice. C'mon give me a break... for most of my vacation I drank one smoothie in the morning and one salad from Panera Bread at night and ate my niece's cookies all day. I had very little in my stomach!


    Anyway we really had a blast. It was nice to spend time with my friends, and I realized my sister and I have never really hung out as adults so that was quite the experience. She is seriously me, just a tad darker in complexion, lol. We are wild and fun and she is a riot just to be around. I love and miss her so much, already. :-(


    I definitely want to do DC again, fully. I feel like I didn't get the full experience. 


    Special thanks to Mr. Yaya for all the hospitality! Whenever you come to LA, I've got ya babes!


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