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  • Relationship Goals 2016 -
  • Posted by: Lalanii, January 13, 2016
  • Relationships Goals - Notes To Self - 2016

    1. Happiness starts in the mind, first. Me first. Relationships/friendships second. If I don't love me, it doesn't look like anyone else is gonna. Working on me is one thing, but simultaneously trying to work on someone else who may or may not be ready to love in the same capacity is draining, overwhelming and renders you powerless. Especially if you try for a long time. 

    2. A person may not love me in the same way I will love them, but they can love me with what they have. We've all heard this adage... but what I've learned this last year is that sometimes that love isn't enough. A person's values may be so different than yours, while your commonalities together can be so similar they're nearly the same. What comes of it? A true moment of hesitation when you realize what you're holding precious won't ever be reciprocated from the person you love, and you may never ever have your dreams if you accept this. So you have to decide what's more important, your hopes... or your dreams. You or the person you're trusting to love you.

    3. I have to shamelessly admit this, but Khloé Kardash was on Howard Stern talking to him about loving someone who has been dealt a really f*cked up deck of cards... her response, I solely agree with in the manner it was presented. It's only so much fuckupedness a person can handle before they break. Every day will be different. I won't say it is easy to love or be loved if the cards you're dealt are f*cked up; because we all know that to be untrue, but what I've found most valuable is closely watching the reactions of those around me when they're faced with those vulnerable situations. All of our decks are f*cked up to a certain extent. But how do they deal? What's the outcome in the crisis? How do they show and prove to you, if there is ANYTHING they do at all about it. This is a determining factor. This helps me understand the next steps in my life and what they have to be, and how to keep my heart safe, while still holding some dreams, some hopes, some happiness, and some reasonable set of goals with the days I have left on this earth. 

    "I can't love someone into loving me." - Khloé Kardashian

    And there we are. 


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