• Sneak Peek: Status = I'm Single - Snippet From Forthcoming E-Book

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  • Sneak Peek: Status =  I'm Single - Snippet From Forthcoming E-Book
  • Posted by: Lalanii, February 14, 2016
  • Status = Single Until Proven Guilty

    I’m single.

    I’m single -  I’m not sad, I’m single I’m not mad at it.

    I’m single.

    …Until I learn more about myself.

    Until I know better. Because I knew better.

    I’m single until somebody is worth more than their net worth.

    Until somebody shows me they can be useful.

    I’m single because nobody comes close to pursuing me the way I want to be pursued.

    …Because nobody ever compares to the first person I grew with.

    I’m single because of YOU. Or him, or them, or because that one is a Loser.

    I’m single because when you find someone you like, you’d like to hope they like you - but that’s too good to be true, sometimes.

    I’m single because my entire existence is a run-on sentence and nobody really has that kind of time to listen.

    I’m single because you’re a celebrity. Lol. {True story!} and I think I’m just as special as you are.

    I’m single because I’m not taking maybe for an answer and I don’t settle.

    Because I work better in streams of consciousness, and you’re copacetic… and that sh*t ain’t cute.  

    … because it hurts, because my past hurts and you’ll never understand it, ok?

    I’m single because. because. because. Because that’s who I am today.

    Because I prefer someone better looking, making better decisions, better dressed.

    Because I’m still shallow - no better than who I was,  but better than second-guessing, I guess.

    Because I deserve better but I can’t help it.

    Because he hasn’t made me his wife, but I’m not ready to tell the truth to myself.

    Because I’m better off, right now.

    I’m single because I think that’s best. 

    Because I haven’t found anyone ok with being second best -- to words.

    I’m single because I haven’t really unwound it all yet.

    Get ready for it, this doesn’t sit well. Even with teacake.

    Because I don’t need another person to break me.

    I’m single because I’m a mess. And that’s ok, and that’s just it.

    I’m single on all the dating sites, wishin’ ‘em all good luck, ready-set…  good-riddance,

    good heavens you’re a bigger upset than I’m ready for.

    I’m single waiting for - nothing.

    I’m single doing My Best.

    I’m single giving my best impersonation of my helplessness.

    I’m SINGLE until proven guilty.

    Single until there’s a ring on my finger.

    Until this n*cca stops making me his long-term fling-er.

    Single - mingling making your dreams sweet…

    I’m single because you’re not brave enough.

    … Because of this grey area.

    … Because you don’t pay attention.

    … Because you can’t read between the lines in between my sentences.

    I’m single ‘cause I’m a tsunami…

    I’m single because I’m a Mommy, and that’s hard enough already.

    I’m single because I grew up… and the Boys didn’t do so.

    I’m single but I kinda have a thing for you

    I kinda have a thing for you…

    But you know, I’m single.

    I’m SINGLE.

    Single, but I’m making Power Moves…

    I’m single but I’m ‘bout my damn business … so what about you?


    Happy Valentine's Day Lifestyle Blogger Lalanii Rochelle

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