• Creatives: @VFSocialClub 2016 is at @Platform_LA #HelloPlatform #VFSC

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  • Creatives: @VFSocialClub 2016 is at @Platform_LA #HelloPlatform #VFSC
  • Posted by: Lalanii, February 24, 2016
  • I'm at Vanity Fair Social Club this year schmoozing with some of the coolest creatives ever. So far everyone is chipper and the panels have been informative and creative. Just what I love. It's being held at @Platform_LA otherwise known as #HelloPlatform in Culver City, CA. 

    They're giving away awesome gifts and the opportunity to meet people you'll love is highly likely. 

    VFSC's Banner @Plaform_LA

    I'm covering the event so make sure you pop back in to check out all the beautiful festivities!

    From the second I stepped off the elevator #helloplatform

    From the second I stepped off the elevator #helloplatform I knew it was gonna be a good time. 

    #VSFC #HelloPlatform

    There were bites, sips, celeb panels, a photoshoot and red carpets... healthy dishes and yummy sweets. The perfect creative space. 


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