• #Music: Hallucinations @Dvsndvsn Just Saved The World With This One

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  • #Music: Hallucinations @Dvsndvsn Just Saved The World With This One
  • Posted by: Lalanii, March 12, 2016
  • So my fav music pic of the week, this week is? Drum roll please... DVSN. 

    After Maid Jordan's release a few weeks ago... and now DVSN (another wonder-fully packed OVO Sound) is now signed by Drake, I can't help but say yes, yes, and yes! And in the lyrics of Hallucination: "I'm haunted by you, fall asleep and dream of you, late at night I scream for you..."

    What a perfect voice added to this masterpiece roster of geniusry. Both hands in the air, you know the emoji.

    Every single has been nothing but repeat-worthy songs. "Hallucinations" I haven't stopped playing, same with "Too Deep, "The Line," and " "With me":

    Tonight I got the time

    So come, fuck with me now

    You only

    Let me know if you're down

    Fuck with me girl

    Fuck with me girl

    Fuck me girl

    Oh, come fuck with me now

    You only


    I know that you're down

    And you don't get down for the money, it's all for the love

    So tell me you want me, tell me you want me

    Don't care if there's people around

    Just tell me you want me

    And I'll hold you down, yeah

    And I'll hold you down baby


    Tell me what you like right now, hey

    I'm feeling your body all around

    But the truth of it all is more profound

    And I will make you fall in love

    Know I think about it all the time, yeah

    And if you want it real good, oh, no, no

    'Til we both fed up


    Sounding good y'all, too good ... so you know Drake hurry n' snatched 'em up... got me thinking though...

    First PartyNextDoor, Weeknd, Majid Jordan... Drake's trynna take over the world, one set of wet panties at a time.


    I'm about to have a hallucination if I don't hear the rest of the damn CD. Bring it y'all. 

    ~ L. 


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