Typo Hoe: A Disclaimer

Warning: This is a disclaimer of all f*cking disclaimers. I am not here to blurb you the benefits of honing one’s creative crafts vs. editorial expertise or technical sense. I’m not going to “right brain/lefty brain” debate you.

I am simply saying this is my f*cking blog and I will do with it as I please.

It’s my party. I curse if I want to.

Typo hoes rejoice. Get your first draft fixes here. Your eccentric epiphanies. Your wish list in fashion. Your poetic passion. My lips aren’t sealed. The world is a nasty~beautiful place.

I am an avid believer in editing, writer’s groups, and working to perfection. However in this forum, I pride myself on timely, original, creative, interesting and highly emotional content. There will be days where I will not feel like going back to do a second read. It’s how I roll. I can’t write emotionally and worry about what you think; it’s not the creative process.

Since you have subscribed to this, you will nod your head and be very ok with that.

I am a storyteller first. I share my experiences. If you are one to nitpick about an apostrophe, a period, where I put my e.ll.ip.si.s. . . I am here with my best educated response of I do not give a f*ckness.

You’re likely still reading, tsk, tsk, tsk. Who is the hoe now? Can’t get enough can ya?

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