• #Shoes: #BTS Fashion Photoshoot W/ @YRU_Shoes Nightcall Wedges in Pastel Yellow

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  • #Shoes: #BTS Fashion Photoshoot W/ @YRU_Shoes Nightcall Wedges in Pastel Yellow
  • Posted by: Lalanii, April 7, 2016
  •  You have never before seen these yellow beauties on my feet. They're by YRU, entitled Nightcrawl. 

    And they're available through Dolls Kill, or by clicking the pictures below and making a purchase.  

    Behind the scenes was a bit crazy... I'm willing to do almost anything for the look. Can't mess up the shoes!

    Special thanks to my staff, who had to carry me to avoid messing them up before we got the exact photo.

    We were in the dirt... in the middle of a mountain - out in the middle of nowhere! Ha!  

    Lalanii Rochelle with Video Producer

    I have a feeling my video producer thought I weighed less than I did.

    The squrming and laughter didn't help him at all... this is why I told him to stay behind the camera! So funny!

    Actual photoshoot to follow! Coming up soon, here's a sneak peek. Lalanii Rochelle YRU  Nightcall Yellow Pastel

    Want your product featured? Contact me for features by emailing Editors@Lalanii.com. 

    I'm nothing without my team! Check out their instagrams here!

    Photographer ~ @zentography_dot_net 

    Mua ~ @infinitebeau_t 

    Hairstylist ~ @gallina_fina

    Vendor ~ @dollskill @yrushoes

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