• #Fashion: Bye Bye Summer Labor Day Must Have Essentials

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  • #Fashion: Bye Bye Summer Labor Day Must Have Essentials
  • Posted by: Lalanii, September 5, 2016
  • Neoprene Swimsuits Are Love

    Yes. yes. and yes. Yes to the color, the style, and that hat.

    Buy Sun Bum Sunscreen


    My beach essentials are super simple:

                         1) A bold hat keeps the rays out of your face and looks chic.

    Need I say more?

                         2) Super big towel and a sexy neoprene swimsuit.

    Triangl has the best, but you can find some other cute ones below for less than $30! Spend more? Beach please!

                         3) You cannot go out in the sun without sunblock, Hawaiian Tropic or Sun Bum!!!

    Happy Labor Day! Bye Bye Summer.


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