• Creatives: Colorful Socks, Tea Infusers, & Blinkist ~ Productivity Hacks

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  • Creatives: Colorful Socks, Tea Infusers, & Blinkist ~ Productivity Hacks
  • Posted by: Lalanii, September 21, 2016
  • Things that make me happy: Toe Socks. Colorful socks. Thigh high socks. Socks in a million different colors and patterns.

    My sock game be serious.

    Pastel Toe Socks

    My toe socks help keep me comfy as I write. 

    The more comfortable I am, the better I work. It's the little things!

    And this diffuser. Something about Owls...

    I usually don't dig them too much, but last year I was gifted a special owl shirt, so ever since then I've had my eye on them.

    Oh and an app like Blinkist that helps summarize a zillion books? Yes.

    Because I'm trying to have enough time to still read AND live.



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