• #Fashion: Best Pastel Purse Mom's Day Picks

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  • #Fashion: Best Pastel Purse Mom's Day Picks
  • Posted by: Lalanii, May 2, 2016
  • I work so hard. I've been told that when I do something I can be known to do it to the point of exhaustion. I struggle with rest, relaxation, and being able to enjoy the moment... right now, as it is. It's a downfall. 

    I took a little break over the weekend after a few business calls and meetings. I was asked for my Mother's Day Wishlist. Well, aww shucks. Sweetest thing I've heard lately since I'd been looking for a purse all week and couldn't find one I loved, just plenty I liked. 

    I figured it couldn't hurt to share my latest M-Day loves. Some of them I love so much I couldn't even put them into any specific order. 

    Kate Spade Cupcake

    I want it I want it I want it. NOW. The things I want to get on my body! LOL... this comes in as a few of the first. 

    Paint The Town Rose Purse

    Flower pot purses. Aside from the one above... this one also takes the cake and applesauce. 

    Why do I want everything flowers and pink in the world? It's like I never grew up. 

    Flower Pot Kate Spade

    No, like seriously. Never.

    Coconut Purse Kate Spade

    Coconut Purse... I just can't. I need to get my life. I just fell out. 

    Admit One Kate Spade Purse

    I'm getting in anywhere with this one. 

    Ice Cream Purse - So Me!

    This whole ice cream collection makes me want to live in the Kate Spade Studio.     Ice Cream Wedge Kate Spade

    Kate Spade Ice Cream Ring

    Marrying my damn self with this one. 

    Ice Cream Keychain

    Like I said, gorgeous. 

    Pastel Tennis Bracelet

    This pastel tennis bracelet is #goals. I was gifted this one. Yay. 

    Carousel Keychain Kate Spade

    Come on, a carousel. Really? SMH. Yes!

    Cameron Street Kate Spade Purse

    The yellow box bottom. [Thump]

    That was me. Hitting the floor falling the hell out. 

    Kate Spade Browning Lane Purse

    And my #1 on my wishlist is the Browning Lane Kate Spade purse. But I don't think my life is that good. Lol. 


    I love you Kate Spade. Like, really, you have to be purse, accessory and now even shoe heaven! 

    I would absolutely love to collab with some poetic words or something with Kate Spade's line.

    Happy Mommy Month

    To All Of The Beautiful Moms Out There!  

    ...Unappreciated and unnoticed. Make sure you pay attention to yourself, just in case no one else does. 

    And, I love you Mom. 


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