• #Fashion: Best Sexy Workout Wear For Boss-Chic Girls (With Pics!)

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  • #Fashion: Best Sexy Workout Wear For Boss-Chic Girls (With Pics!)
  • Posted by: Lalanii, May 9, 2016
  • 1. Alo Bras & Lululemon Workout High Waist Pants and Skirts 

    They take the cake in comfort, durability and cuteness. I hang dry my entire collection and they've never faded and have little (if any) piling. Ideal for layering and of course, the workout strut, I absolutely love the stretch and detail of both brands. 

    AloYoga and Lululemon Strappy Bras and High Waist Pants

    2. Rose Gold Dre Beats

    I just can't live without them. They're wireless so I can give my all to the treadmill and they're the cutest things ever. I'm so upset I have the gold and these rose gold ones came out afterwards! I'm a sucker for rose gold everything!!!

    Rose Gold Dre Beats

    What are your 'must haves' to get you motivated and feeling like a boss chic for the gym? Add in the comments below. 

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