• #Fashion & #Entertainment: The Best Yeezy Season 4 Recap Ever & Kanye Responds!

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  • #Fashion & #Entertainment: The Best Yeezy Season 4 Recap Ever & Kanye Responds!
  • Posted by: Lalanii, September 8, 2016
  • Kanye West's fashion show: Yeezy Season 4 was Wednesday, September 7th, and there was a wave of mixed, and when I say mixed I mean mostly negative reviews from the very start to the finish.

    I'll start at the top of what I've found online:

    @Kia_Mak reported Ye had a casting call for models of multi-races only, which can be misconstrued as much as any visionary with a vivid idea. It went a bit like this on his Twitter:

    Kanye West Racial Tweet

    I think Ye was safe with the word multiracial. He didn’t seem to mean all black, all white, all nothing; he seemed to mean he wanted eclectic. Again. Not bad to me. But because everyone is trying so hard to make it a bigger ‘race issue,’ it sounds worse. If anyone else (of any other demeanor, status, or color) says they’re looking for a multiracial casting call, anyone who considers his or herself multiracial shows up, no one bats a fake eyelash but Yeezus puts it on his Twitter and it upsets the free world order. WTF? Back to fashion.

    Models at Kanye's Yeezy Season 4 Standing Pose

    Models fainting. Neh, not Kanye’s fault.

    I'm just saying. I know it started 2 hours after its intended time, so?

    If you have something better to do, go do it. If I had to go, I would have just left, not even a worry.

    Car accident/fender bender, whatever caused him to be late.

    Neh, not Kanye’s fault, granted that's the truth, which really doesn't matter, really.

    Yeezy Season 4 Model Had To Sit Her Ass Down

    Heatstroke weather. I’m sorry, he doesn’t make the sunshine despite the fact that at times he behaves as so, but again, I digress. Not Kanye’s fault, although his people could’ve very apparently chosen a better venue/indoor venue.

    Amina Blue taking her shoes off regardless of if she can’t walk in them or if they were just poorly constructed, (once again in this run-on sentence) not Kanye’s fault, yet overlooking the fact that sample shoes may not hold up in icki temperatures and expecting Ye to anticipate this, is equivalent to the stupidity of those who expected ‘snacks’ on the luxury bus… while it could have happened, perhaps to up the standard and expectations, that’d be unlikely. Like what kind of snacks? Scallops?

    Amina Blue's Shoes Came The Fuck Off

    I think Perez said it best when he said

    Amina had zero f*cks left to give, and ended up kicking her heels off mid-walk

    Amina Blue still fly as f tho

    I'm sorry Amina is still so fly, mad, falling over and taking off her heels, regardless, fly as f.

    If Ye designed shoes that are breaking, and through little or no testing found them to be uncomfortable, then that, he can be faulted for.

    But c’mon, I seriously doubt Ye is checking each shoe—in factory or by hand, this again, would be the people hired on his staff, and that, for a show of his magnitude should be triple and double-checked, but again, he can be unapologetic for something he cannot change and get more press for being ‘crazy Ye.’ Or, he can be apologetic and sorry and still get criticized because why? O yes, he’s Kanye and he’s 'overrated himself' into an ill-fated fashion mogul and yes… he’s said and done some things that put us all into disarming heads in hands, but he will honestly get criticized for it anyway. I say go out with the #fuckitshrug Ye? Ye!

    Among the criticisms:

    Wasn’t the show on the grounds of an old smallpox hospital? Ye.

    …Or rather Roosevelt Island, home of insane asylums and prisons in the 19th century according to Hollywood Reporter? Ye again.

    Was everyone driven over in luxury buses with no water, snacks, or music, Ye.

    The show was regarded as downright boring, according to the first responses, Ye.

    Were there basic neon highlighter yellow long sleeve and white T’s imprinted with SEASON 4 merch being sold at $75 a wop? Ye, again. 

    Did a model have to be escorted after losing her balance on the runway? Ye, yet again.

    Was it seemingly Spanx-inspired and far too odd for thigh high boots in clear and suede~ish looks amongst oversized overcoats and underboobs in scorching sunlight? Well, yea, but there were highlights: Teyana Taylor’s abs slayed the funway with Iman. And, yes top journalists and top editors and haters and critics left and hated.

    Obviously, Teyana had no issue with heat since she and her ab muscles arrived with Ye.

    Ye with Teyana Taylor Arriving Fashionably Late

    She needs them sh*ts insured.

    *her super fierce abs

    In all honesty, these plasticy thigh high heels ARE sort of fresh, but the oversized raincoat looking to be luxe, is just, not. Adidas (Ye’s shoe partner) disassociated itself from the broken style according to WWD.com, but I doubt that would stop anyone from buying them since all Kim K needs to do is have them on successfully for 3.5 minutes and the masses will deem them suitable and cute enough, Kardash could go home with blisters no one ever sees, life goes along. Mostly everyone understands that fashion runways generally showcase unfinished samples; and all of the blogs I’ve read seem to say the same; they’d all still buy the shoes, even though they broke on the runway.

    Kim Kardashian in her Clear Boots

    Not one retailer says they would not buy these shoes, and why? Because all of the crazy Kardashian + Ye fans will buy these from all of the retailers.

    Show out Kendall Jenner!

    The supposed faulty fashion statements will be, just fine, in fact—still famous enough to make a living, of just living. Some of the highlights of the show was the Karadashy's sneak peeks and side photoshoots! Say what you wanna... I'd rock this suit.

    Say what you want, these girls were so fly

    Flaunt that sh*t!

    Yass Y'all Better Werk Kardashians in Yeezy Season 4

    I might have been intrigued just to see all this sh*t happening—fashion aside, this sounds far from a bore.

    Kardashian Clan at Yeezy Season 4

    I think Ye has successfully merged Fashion and Entertainment with this one. #YeezySeason4 drama is trending the most since the first season; I consider this successful.



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