• That's It I'm Getting Married To A Stranger... Jeffrey Campbell Icy Toys

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  • That's It I'm Getting Married To A Stranger... Jeffrey Campbell Icy Toys
  • Posted by: Lalanii, August 26, 2013
  • People claim ‘money can’t make you happy.’ Such is true. If you were already a lost soul in the world of the unforgiven, money isn’t going to light your way by much. 

    They also say money can’t buy happiness. Now, herrrrrre is where I beg to differ slightly. While money can’t MAKE you or KEEP you happy, and money shouldn’t DRIVE your happiness, or COMPLETE your world, money can albeit temporarily and sometimes somewhat at least semi-permanently BUY happiness. Yes, I frikkin said it. Money can buy happiness dammit. Sit your *ss down. Look at this f$#@!*kin shoe right here! If you could see my face I’m happy just LOOKING at it. It is a damn shame they won’t ship to Los Angeles, CA, because I begged and begged and can find them all of absolutely NO WHERE near here.

    Enjoy my ALL CAPS. Because yes, good heavens. I nearly had a fashion stroke when I saw these Jeffrey Campbell Icy Toy’s complete with colored Barbie doll heads in ‘em. I immediately start thinking of the things I’d do to own such a pair. Down the list. I’d force myself to clean, I’d go without shopping for other things, if I had to choose between a nice fine dinner, or nothing–I’d choose the shoe and starve for a while, yes. I’m having a fashion melt down about these and it’s a shame throughout all these years of guest posts, fashion runways, and personal connections that Jeff or Dean didn’t call me direct when he dreamt these up. Damn him! I should’ve had these on my doorstep already

    …So I’ve come to the realization that I would give up most of my horrific and secret habits to own this shoe, size 7.5, 8 if it runs big, 7 if small. (For all of those that take hints, LOL)

    Top Bad Habits being these:

    1. Nailbiting

    2. Worrying About Things I Cannot Change

    3. Messying My Room While Getting Dressed

    4. Leaving My Laundry Undone for Days & Days

    5. Misplacing Fear. Hurt. Or Unhappiness

    Heck, I’d marry a stranger for these wedges. LMAO!

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