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  • The Man I'm In Love With - The Qualities He Must Have
  • Posted by: Lalanii, November 24, 2011
  • I've written poems for him. He's innovative, incredibly creative, unique, marvelous to speak to and easy to learn from. A friend of mine asked me the other day 'if I even knew what I'd look for in a man if I were looking?' I suppose he meant to inquire about what the most attractive attributes the man I'd love and marry and potentially cook butterbuns in the oven for would have. I realized I hadn't put too much thought into 'Superman,' and who can ever be exactly correct in saying, but after a bit of thought some of those qualities and traits might be: 

    1. Artistic

    2. Intelligent

    3. Honest

    4. Funny

    5. Eclectic

    6. Ambitious/Driven/Goal Oriented

    7. Empathetic

    8. Observant

    9. Level-headed

    10. Reliable

    11. Open Minded

    12. Respectful

    13. Faithful

    14. Experienced

    15. Expressive

    As far as physical attributes he'd be handsome, a cul-de-sac type of smile that turns you around in a complete circle, pretty teeth, polished and well-put together look. He'd be well-dressed, confident, successful, and know how to take care of his family. What do you all look for in a significant lover? I suppose the man I am in love with is also either the creator of these Lace Up Skate Boots (which I loOove more than any) or he is a fictional character that just doesn't exist. I can't tell which.

    Notation: Lace Up Skate Boots, Jeffrey Campbell - I went on to blog and ghostwrite with and for Jeffrey Campbell as a brand for over 5 years. 


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