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  • Fashion: Haus of Price - Kaleidoscope Wedges -
  • Posted by: Lalanii, January 29, 2016

    These wedges right here, are to die for... they're comfy and stunning, and you never get both!

    Haus of Price Brand Model Lalanii Rochelle

    Red carpet ready in two seconds. "The Challenger" as they're called, are super glitzy wedges well christened with love and sparkle. 

    PROS: You cannot walk two steps without the attention. People will stop what they are doing to compliment you and ask you where you got your rock star wedges. You can also pop them on with a less dressier 'fit and still look like you've been playing in pits of confetti!

    CONS: You may be scared to wear them out fearing they'd get ruined...  but fret not, I've been dancing as well as sitting pretty and I haven't lost not one sparkling gem. I do not recommend a rave, however. LOL. They're careful constructed and the glue is impossibly tough. None of those stones are moving, love. 

    Check out the new #blogs up now... lalanii.com. 

    Haus of Price Fashion Blogger Lalanii Rochelle

    photographer ~ @zentography_dot_net

    mua ~ @infinitebeau_t  

    hairstylist ~ @gallina_fina

    stylist ~ @lalanii (yours truly!)

    shoes ~ #hausofprice

    top ~ @dollskill

    #vintage shorts by @guess


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