• #Relationships: 3 Things I Hate About Dating & How To Deal

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  • #Relationships: 3 Things I Hate About Dating & How To Deal
  • Posted by: Lalanii, September 3, 2016
  • 1. Everything is a battle of who loves who less.

    Like, love, lust. The more you feel about the other, the weaker the link you are. It's to the point where in most cases it's best to let the guy choose you. But then I have my homegirls saying things like "thanks for your advice, now 763 ugly ducklings are salivating over me" ...

    My updated advice... Flirt with the one you want, let him chase, and chase, and chase. If he stops chasing, flirt with someone else. Rinse, repeat. I mean, flirt, kiss. Flirt again, kiss again. Don't go too far, but, what's the harm in meeting people? You never know what could come of it. It sure beats the I love you more battle.

    Attitude Savage, Heart is Gummy Bears

    2. His friends, sometimes family.

    When you choose to date someone you're not just dating them, you're dating him and the 5-8 people closest to him:

    Mom, brother, baby mamas, friends who like to party. Whatever.

    This is dating in the latest modern whirlwind, so can you get a guy who isn't looking for approval from his friends or family these days?

    The answer is no.

    He wouldn't be right if he didn't seek some kind of opinion. But choose wisely in this way. It's true, everyone wants an approval from someone, even if they're not interested in impressing their friends and family with their significant other, they still want their partner to be accepted.

    Whatever the case, friends and fam can be soursucky little stale patch kids, so be sure you check them out before you get in "too deep." I prefer gummy bears, rosé ones. Like, I said... investigate the circle. Don't make the mistakes I've made.

    Rose Gummy Bears Relationship Blogger Lalanii Rochelle

    3. Finances.

    Date up, date down, doesn't matter you're never gonna make the "right amount" for your other. If you make more than he does you emasculate him, if you make less... you're a gold digging fat necked girl.

    You can't win, so just do the job that makes you happiest and hopefully brings in enough to make you comfortable.  

    There's my .3.

    What do you hate about dating these days?

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