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  • Posted by: Lalanii, March 10, 2011
  • I remember the 'one.' Or who I thought was the one. 

    There are certain moments in life that freeze for you and when they do you smell the air in those moments, you pause and shake your head, you begin to remember your childhood, mama's fresh garlic bread, creamy brown steps and the swivel staircase. The fireplace, the minibar, the two big screened televisions. Few of these moving pictures come to life for me.

    It was a day I hadn't left the house. The walls were closing in, the worry was setting in, the problems were piling up. I'd contemplated wine, sleeping pills, writing, pillow screams, still no decisions. It was one of those days where nothing really got done or settled, my mind was at unrest and it just wouldn't stop. He came by. 

    He kissed me, because maybe he missed me, I moved away. He waited a few moments, tried again. I continued talking; about books, reading, the day being a flop, the timing-all wrong, some goals I was aiming for. He kissed me. I didn't kiss back. I frustrate. He decided to be more persistent. I despise persistence in the wrong mood, without the right eloquence. That is, as much eloquence or style a woman can hardly ever really expect from a man. He touched me and in that moment of touching I snapped back, again he touched me quicker and quicker until I fell to the floor in a complete tickle. I was being ticked and I could hardly breathe! There was screaming and uncontrollable noooooooo!'s but it was too late. Trying to get away I bumped my head on the nightstand. Hard. Laughter bubbled out between the both of us. He looked down and saw one of my socks had come off. 'So, you're ticklish. You messed up, now.' He said in his aha voice. He leaned in to kiss me, and this time I kissed him back. Slow, meaningful. My smile peaking through my lips like he just guessed that the first thing on my wish list was, the element of surprise. 'I could die now,' I say to him. I look down at my one sock, and I watch him gather his things to leave.


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