• How Can We Be On The Same Page If You Ain't Reading Out Loud?

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  • How Can We Be On The Same Page If You Ain't Reading Out Loud?
  • Posted by: Lalanii, September 29, 2011
  • If you've been following, Red said that to me the other night. In agreement of understanding as I carried on in 'know-all' about the ones I love, conveniently, not listening.

    I tend to read out loud. Now, whether or not you've heard me or not is a different story.

    I'll say a 'subconscious-unconsciousness of too damn much. For instance if the person in front of me says he doesn't like women who shop all of a sudden I'm a thriftily shopping mo-fo. He doesn't like tea? O, I only dabble in tea sipping, pinky finger flailing, honey sticks, and lattes, just dabble, lol. Similar to Julia Roberts in Runaway Bride when it was all she could do to match her counterparts, she forgot herself.

    I read, a lot. I read people. I speed read. I read attachments. I read magazines, marketing material, interviews, the internet, but mostly, I read out loud. I tell a person what's wrong, generally, like most of us do before telling them what's right. I'm proud to recognize this, and acknowledge myself as a work in progress.

    I write my toot off. I stay up wee hours of the night reading. Studying. I put it first when at times it should come second to some things like taking a few minutes to make the people I love happy. Ma calls me up the other day, exhibit #1:

    'Where da hell you beeennnnnnnn?' Her southern accent, a cheerily bit ghetto. She asks of why I haven't called her.

    I go on explaining and rambling off about deadlines, genre workshops, reading group, and submissions and halfway through my summary of absence, this broad is not listening. At all. I'm talking about not only not listening, but in full conversation with my niece in the background.

    'Maaaaam, did you hear me???? You not listening! You never listen, how you gon' ask me a question then go all off talkin' to someone else?!' I shriek.

    'Awhl, shiiiiiiiit, leme call ya later honey, these children are on my nerves.' She hangs up. I laugh and shake my head. Like I said, I read out loud, no one listens.

    Example 2: an ex of mine came over about nine maybe ten one night o clock a few weeks back to listen as I read a few pages to him for proofing. After all, I can credit him for catching a lot of my run-on sentences, verb tense issues, and grammar ridiculousness. He also fully believes in my work and I love that. This particular time no sooner than shortly after his arrival did I read into about the fourth page, and I found that he had apparently took the drug opposite of No-Doze. He was full-on asleep, light snore and all. Naturally, I'm human, I was hurt.

    He exclaimed that he was tired, which I believe he was, and that if he'd only had the pages in front of him (like his own copy) he would have stayed up. The issue is, when someone gives an über quick reason for falling short, the explanation loses its weight. A simple 'I'm sorry, it won't happen again' would have sufficed. Practice with me: 'I'm sorry it, won't happen again,' the most important words in language, since 'I love you' is overrated and everyone loves everybody. I'm really sorry, I won't read a damn thing to you, ever again. HAhahaha!

    Him actually using those words might have gotten us on the same page. Simple acknowledgement and reassurance that it (hopefully) won't happen again. Although Ma still hasn't said a word about her tangents of rudeness, and my ex and I no longer talk, I still feel I'm learning how to better express myself, and I continue reading out loud. I just wish the right people would listen.

    Picture taken by moi from 'be happy: a little book to help you live a happy life' by Monica Sheehan.


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