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  • I Know You're Busy So Let Me Know When You're Free
  • Posted by: Lalanii, June 27, 2015
  • Translation: I will never call your *ss. 

    Translation 2: I will never never never hit you up, know why? Outta sight outta mind. It just would never frikkin happen. 

    Translation 3: That's the passive line of you don't want to get in my way, so you're going to stay completely out of sight and then think I will remember. Well, I will, but guess when I will... not when you want me to, when I'm utterly bored as mindf*ck on a random Thursday morning at like 11 am three months from now... if you're lucky. If anyone is ever lucky these days. 


    If you like a girl, like really dig her, dig her enough to want to "date" her, or rather, at least "take her out for a date" and hope the drinks get her tispy enough to feel amazing about you... do not, I REPEAT, do not put the ball in her court. It's insane. It's chancing it. It's leaving life up to life, and well, that's about as good as karma, that sh*t don't work fast enough, if at all. 

    Don't tell yourelf, "ay I'm not going to 'bug' her, let me let her call me if she's really interested she'll hit me."


    "I'll let her make the first move," "I'll let her call me when she's ready," "I'm sure she'll get back to me after she's done with ___ and finished with ____" 

    Not gonna happen.

    Sorry, buddy. 

    90% of women still enjoy, or rather, *hope for* a man that can chase. Better word: pursues. Better word: courts (as in courtship) Best words: know exactly what he wants and actively converses. 

    Don't leave the ball in my court, I've never been good at sports. I don't ever get it back over the net, into the basket, or across the line. What line is it you ask? Whatever lines you have to cross in football. See, just look nhow much I know and care about sports and getting back to you when I'M FREE. I'm never free, and if I were free, would I want you to know I have nothing else in the world lined up but you, oh so pretty you I just met and now have a magically freeeeeee schedule for? 

    Bad idea. 


    WTF? So you have decided that my dream guy isn't you, but I've wasted all my time in googly eyes and playful banter huh? Ok. Cool. Well, waste a little more time in the details, it isn't all about what I want, what about what YOU want. Waste a little more time in the follow-up. Waste a little more time in figuring out if the wild ideas I have for a future fit your wild ideas for your future. It may not be worth it, but what if it is, ahhh, what if it is. 

    When did it become about the end game? What's wrong with enjoying good company? The finish line is sex or marriage? Maybe find out what mine is? If you want a positive relationship, you're going to somehow, albeit hard, (I know I'm a pessminist believe it or not) have to be positive about what you can bring to a relationship, friendship, or "situation" ... whatever that is. 

    You know how you follow up for a job interview? Like call the next week or so, yea, except make that a day or so. I hate to compare dating to a job, but if you are dating, or "talking women out of their panties" for lack of better analogy, call her again. 

    **Disclosure: if after several instances you get nothing even as much as "I was so busy" or "I'm sorry" or "Yes let's get together soon" she gave you her number out of pity. Disregard. Stop reading, go take your *ss to the gym, you've gotten fat. LMAO. 


    This is part 2 of "let me know when you're free." The second you said it, I forgot all about it. The time, the tentative date, the possibility of you, I've forgotten. I mean I am not trying to be too sadity here (although there's no way it can't come across that way) but c'mon, I have to let you know when I have time, then I have to let you know what time we should go on this supposed date, THEN, should I tell you what colors we're wearing too? 

    Grow some! 

    Sorry, more politely: This is the point where you set a tentative time and then closer to schedule we hash out the deets (work out the details) and place, the activity (hopefully you aren't just planning on sitting and looking at me, no?) and then yea, we flirt and then we end up on our "date." Spare your life if this date is with me. LOL. 

    You're welcome. 

    Best of luck on your dating adventures fellas. 


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