• Unspiration: Music - Now, I'm Back F*ckin' My Groupies

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  • Unspiration: Music - Now, I'm Back F*ckin' My Groupies
  • Posted by: Lalanii, January 10, 2016
  • In an interview (track by track commentary) about Future's album DS2 (I love when they chat about their lives and the thought process behind the songs they write/rap) the interviewer asked him how he felt when an album didn't do as well as expected and he explained how his family and friends were in another state, and he didn't have much control over the outcome, etc. and that in his words... 


    "I feel like I'm losing, by myself." - Future 



    ... Those are my sentiments right now, exactly. I feel like I'm losing and I'm all by myself in the loss. There's only so much discussion with friends or family who don't seem to understand what it's like to try so hard for something, to want it so bad you can only think of that, so many don't understand the obsession. The tireless, worn out and worrisome way a perfectionist treats a passion. The way it feels to fail anyway. 



    I think sometimes despite every effort and every sacrifice I've made for the people I love, they hold no respect for it and my kindness is actually weak to them. Getting weaker. Sorta sick of this sh*t actually. 


    Future Hendrix (lol) being the trap-happy motivational speaker he is, moves on to say more in regards to his previous relationship: 


    "Nah I'm not finna get married. 
    ...I'm not comfortable. 

    Not comfortable about compromising...

    Not comfortable where I'm at with my career..."




    In "Groupies" he exclaims he's now back f*ckin his groupies. And I'll add his specific lyrics: 



    This is currently my all time favorite running on the treadmill song. Why I like to run to trap music is beyond me, but whatevs. It goes down. 


    *Bourgeoisie still being one of my all time favorite words. 


    And who wouldn't love the line... "pussy good enough to make me love you." 


    Isn't that the premise. Well at least that, and build up from there? 



    1. Can my pussy be good enough to make you love me? 

    2. Is it bad that I somehow resonate with the line "I f*ck a b*tch cuz she bougie?" 

    3. If I were a celebrity right now, I'm so mad, I would definitely go back to f*ckin my groupies. Am I wrong?


    Now I'm back f*ckin my groupies. 😂Now I'm back f*ckin my groupies. Word. 


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